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Purify - The Complete Whole-Body Organic Parasite Cleanse

Detoxify - How can you experience vibrant health... If your liver & kidneys are overworked or stressed?

Simply the best natural yeast control program on the market

30-Day Heart & Cardiovascular Program

Professional Strength -- Immediate Sinus & Respiratory Relief

Quick & Effective Natural + Powerful Head & Body Discomfort Relief

SLIMG - The Only All-Natural Remedy for the Modern Top 3 Health Epidemics

The Premier All-Natural Liver/Kidney Detox
From the Wisdom of Ancient Asian, European & Mediterranean Herbology
100% Natural - Certified Organic & Wildcrafted Ingredients

Exclusive Master Herbalist Formulation
Naturopathic Doctor Recommended.

The complete natural solution for the maintenance of the liver & kidneys!
The only 100% Natural - Certified Organic & Wildcrafted
Liver & kidney herbal cleanser/revilatizer available on the market!

Other recipes simply cannot compare to the Detoxify balanced comprehensive blend!

Detoxify is a potent secret herbal recipe blend
originating from the ancient knowledge of
Asian, European & Mediterranean herbologists.

As a 100% all-natural liver/kidney detox cleanser,
Detoxify is second to none in assisting the
liver and kidneys to safely eliminate toxins.

Click here for Detoxify ingredient listing.

The Superior, All-Natural 100% Herbal Solution
To Safely Detox Your Liver & Kidneys

Detoxify has proven itself to us to be the most effective liver & kidney detox program that we have ever found. It's not only the balance and preciseness of the herbal mixtures, but all of the ingredients are also 100% natural in composition and purity - making Detoxify truly unparalleled in its potency and effectiveness! No fillers & no additives - only the purest, highest-grade natural herbal ingredients are used in Detoxify!

100% Natural with Certified Organic & Wildcrafted Ingredients:

  • Utilizing only superior natural plant-sourced herbal ingredients.
  • Perfectly balanced and blended for superior results.
  • Formulated & blended utilizing the wisdom of a Master Herbalist.
  • NO artificial,synthetic or chemical ingredients.
  • NO unnecessary ingredients or fillers.
  • NO potentially ineffective or controversial ingredients (eg.) EDTA.
    [Note: Recent studies question the quantitative implausibility of EDTA chelation detoxification. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has even issued an order barring the ACAM from advertising EDTA chelation therapy as being effective.]

Why not simply use a time-tested all-natural herbal solution?
In fact, all of the natural components and herbs in the Detoxify formula have been used for centuries and centuries to detoxify the body. These herbs have virtually proven themselves through time to be extremely beneficial in the assistance for the removal of toxins and pollutants out of the human body throughout the span of many ancient civilizations; including the Chinese Empire, the Egyptian Empire, the Greek Empire, the Roman Empire, the old Turkish Empire, and through the history of the Mediterranean cultures. However it is only under the wisdom of a Master Herbalist that the culmination of all this ancient knowledge has been precision-blended and perfected into a single formulation recipe - created to produce the maximum liver/kidney detox cleansing results. Detoxify truly is the personification of the herbal wisdom of the ages.

Herbology as an ancient science has been tried and proven throughout time. It has only been recently that the American culture has tried to capitalize on this time-tested wisdom. Unfortunately, many of today's herbs and supplements are missing the key factor that governs it's success: and that is balance! The truth of the matter is that unbalanced herbal combinations may actually be harmful to your body. Our Master Herbalist brings all of his herbal knowledge and wisdom with the care and attention that only a true master herbologist can provide, and has formulated a precision in the herbal formulas that are proven to achieve the optimum results. It is not only the purity and combination of herbs that makes his recipes so effective, but it is also in the ratio of these herbal components. It has been called by some 'the science of ancient herbology'!

How can you experience vibrant health...
If your liver & kidneys are overworked or stressed?

What is Detoxify designed to do?
Detoxify is a systemic cleansing herbal formulation. It is designed to effectively promote liver and kidney detoxification; resulting in blood and tissue cleansing by naturally stimulating the cleansing capacity of these organs. Detoxify can help in the elimination of cellular metabolic waste, dietary toxemia, environmental toxins, and general toxic inundation. It can also help eliminate the toxemia from drug usage. Detoxify can be used as both an integral part of a preventative detox regime, or as a targeted liver/kidney cleanse program.

The cleansing systems of the body.
There are many filters in the body. The colon, the liver, the kidneys, the lymphatic system, the lungs, and even the skin. Unarguably, two of the mostly overlooked when it comes to detoxification are the liver and kidneys. When the liver is overworked the kidneys try to pick up the slack. Therefore it vitally important that when approaching a liver detoxification program, to prevent an out-of-balance condition in the body, that the kidneys also be supported as well.

Importance of a Kidney Detox Cleanse

Your kidneys are 2 bean-shaped organs, each about the size of your fist. Although the kidneys are small organs by weight, they receive a huge amount (approximately 20%) of the blood pumped by the heart. Every day, your kidneys process about 200 quarts of blood, to sift out about 2 quarts of waste products and excess water. The actual filtering occurs in tiny units inside the kidneys called 'nephrons'. Every kidney has about a million nephrons. In the nephron, a glomerulus - which is a tiny blood vessel, or capillary - intertwines with a tiny urine-collecting tube called a tubule. A complicated chemical exchange takes place, as waste materials and water leave your blood and enter your urinary system. Without the kidneys, waste products and toxins would build up to dangerous levels in the blood and subsequently damage your body. Consequently through toxic-buildup or dietary neglect these important toxin-filtering organs can become inflamed, infected, and develop kidney stones or fail altogether.

An integral part of your body's cleansing system.
Blood flows to your kidneys, they then process the blood by removing various toxins and wastes, and then return the processed purified blood back to the body while the unwanted substances end up in the urine. Urine then flows from the kidneys through the ureters into the bladder. In the bladder, the urine is stored until it is excreted from the body through the urethra.

Functions of the kidneys include:

  • To regulate the composition of your blood;
  • To keep constant the concentrations of various ions and other important substances;
  • To keep constant the volume of water in your body;
  • To remove wastes from your body (eg. urea, drugs, toxic substances);
  • To Keep the acid/base concentration of your blood constant;
  • Help regulate your blood pressure;
  • Stimulate the production of red blood cells;
  • Maintain your body's calcium levels.

In addition to removing wastes, the kidneys are also responsible for releasing vital hormones. The kidneys also regulate our pH balance and electrolytes as well as regulate the body's level of necessary substances like water, sodium and potassium. The correct balance of such substances are vital for your body to function healthily.

The kidneys must also remove waste salts, uric acid, and ammonia from the body. That's why your first urine elimination in the morning is generally darker in color and has a stronger odor - as more of these pollutants have been collected while you slept. In addition to this already heavy workload, western society is on the average eating more animal fats... more protein... and more sugars than ever. That's why Americans are developing kidney stones 10 times more frequently than our grandparents from previous generations.

Your kidneys need maintenance and cleansing.
As with virtually all the organs of the body, the kidneys are subject to a range of disorders and diseases. Kidney damage usually takes place gradually and without symptoms and it may only be after years of kidney disease that kidney functioning becomes noticeably decreased. In kidney disease one can generally lose more up to 75% of kidney functions before the effects become acutely obvious.

If left untreated, kidney disease can become irreversible and can be a significant threat to your health. People with diabetes, high blood pressure or a family history of kidney disease also need to actively prevent kidney disease and keep the organs in optimum condition. Fortunately, kidney problems respond well to complimentary medicine and a holistic approach (including diet). Detoxify is an all-natural kidney-supportive herbal blend designed to assist in kidney detoxification and natural function, thereby subsequently decreasing the potential need for prescription drugs or surgery for the toxic kidney.

Importance of a Liver Detox Cleanse

Most people do not realize how vital the liver, our largest internal organ, really is. It is the chief organ involved in detoxifying your body, and is often overlooked when considering a cleansing program. When the liver is over-stressed all other organs start to dysfunction. It is constantly working to break down not only the environmental and external toxins that invade our body though breathing and eating, but also those produced during normal metabolic processes in the body (internal toxins). Many common symptoms such as headaches, mental confusion, muscle pain, fatigue, poor coordination, nerve problems, skin irritations and emotional imbalances can be a result of over exposure to toxins. If liver function can be improved the entire body will benefit.

Every vein from the digestive tract empties into the liver for filtering out toxins and waste. The skin and lungs are the body’s first line of defense against toxins; the bowel is next, then the liver and kidneys. When the colon is overburdened with poor dietary consumption and accumulated toxicity, the liver must then work overtime in the attempts to purge the toxins and pollutants from the body. If the liver is unable to perform its full function, it will not only become even more toxic, but all the other organs are challenged in a domino effect. Many doctors and physicians report that prior to the first sign of many diseases, the effectiveness of the liver has already been reduced and functionally overwhelmed.

Some of the liver's functions are:

  • To convert food into chemicals necessary for life and growth;
  • To manufacture and export important substances used by the rest of the body;
  • To process drugs absorbed from the digestive tract into forms that are easier for the body to use; and
  • To detoxify and excrete substances that otherwise would be poisonous.

Here are just a few of the ways your liver helps you:

  • By producing quick energy when it is needed;
  • By manufacturing new body proteins;
  • By regulating blood clotting;
  • By regenerating its own damaged tissue;
  • By Producing more than 13,000 essential body chemicals and hormones including cholesterol, testosterone, and estrogen. Plus your liver manages over 50,000 enzymes vital to maintain a healthy body;
  • By Regulating blood sugar levels and prevents dangerous high spikes and low falls;
  • By Storing essential vitamins and minerals — including vitamins A, D, K and B12.
  • By Detoxifying all internal and external environmental pollutants. Simply said, if your liver did not continuously remove metabolic trash and toxins from your blood, you would be dead in a very short time frame.

One of the liver's primary jobs is to store energy in the form of glycogen, which is made from a type of sugar called glucose.

The liver removes glucose from the blood when blood glucose levels are high. Through a process called glycogenesis, the liver combines the glucose molecules in long chains to create glycogen, a carbohydrate that provides a stored form of energy. When the amount of glucose in the blood falls below the level required to meet the body's needs, the liver reverses this reaction, transforming glycogen into glucose.

Another crucial function of the liver is the production of bile, a yellowish-brown liquid containing salts necessary for the digestion of lipids, or fats. These salts are produced within the lobules. Bile leaves the liver through a network of ducts and is transported to the gallbladder, which concentrates the bile and releases it into the small intestine.

Vitamins are also stored in the liver. Drawing on the nutrient-rich blood in the hepatic portal vein, the liver collects and stores supplies of vitamins A, D, E, and K. The B vitamins are also stored here, including a two- to four-year supply of Vitamin B12.

The liver also functions as the body's healthy chemical factory. Several important proteins found in the blood are produced in the liver. One of these proteins, albumin, helps retain calcium and other important substances in the bloodstream. Albumin also helps regulate the movement of water from the bloodstream into the body's tissues. The liver also produces globin, one of the two components that form hemoglobin—the oxygen-carrying substance in red blood cells. Certain globulins, a group of proteins that includes antibodies, are produced in the liver, as are the proteins that make up the complement system, a part of the immune system that combines with antibodies to fight invading microorganisms.

Many other chemicals are produced by the liver. These include fibrinogen and prothrombin, which help wounds to heal by enabling blood to form clots, and cholesterol, a key component of cell membranes that transports fats in the bloodstream to body tissues.

In addition to manufacturing chemicals, the liver helps clear toxic substances, such as drugs and alcohol, from the bloodstream. It does this by absorbing the harmful substances, chemically altering them, and then excreting them in the bile.

Do you suffer with health challenges, poor mental sharpness, or a general lack of vitality? It is virtually impossible to have vibrant health if your liver or kidneys are dysfunctional or stressed. An abundance of toxins, pollutants, chemicals, and poisons in the body will unquestionably cause a severe strain on your cleansing organs to perform their tasks. An overload in toxicity in the body will flow to all bodily systems, including the immune system, causing a decrease in normal functions and performance. Is it any wonder why the average North American is chronically tired, sickly, and lacking the energy, alertness, and the vitality they had in their youth. Old age, in itself, is simply not the sole villain responsible for all our health woes.

Do you suffer with frequent head issues? A sluggish liver allows toxins to leak back into your blood stream which commonly triggers head issues. And unfortunately, many pharmaceutical remedies can add further stress on your liver. Cleaning out the filters of your liver can quickly help put an end to a variety of head issues.

Poor liver function can trigger blood issues when it breaks down the adrenal hormone called aldosterone. Excessive aldosterone causes your body to retain sodium and lower potassium levels. This electrolyte imbalance can cause blood issues. Additionally your liver controls the level of blood fats. Too much blood fat can make your blood sticky and difficult to travel through your veins.

Many common health issues can be a direct resultant of a toxic liver. When an overworked liver gets bombarded with artificial chemicals from foods, environmental pollutants, and toxins - it’s easy for these toxins and chemicals to build up in the liver and escape from the protective filters in the liver into your blood stream. These chemicals then become absorbed and incorporated into the cells of your muscles, organs, joints, and tissues. Now your immune system can no longer recognize these 'chemicalized' cells as a natural part of your body and views them as foreign invaders to be destroyed. Therefore, your body produces antibodies to attack its own cells. It is imperative to take the load off your overworked immune system by cleansing your liver!

Another by-product of a toxic liver is the presence of unstable blood sugar in the body. When your levels are out of balance, it is common to experience such symptoms as fatigue, lightheadedness, and an uncontrollable craving for sugar. No wonder so many people with low blood sugar levels tend to have weight problems as well as yeast infections. Normally when blood sugar levels in the body drop, a healthy liver will quickly release stored sugar called glycogen into the bloodstream. But when your liver is toxic or sluggish, blood sugar levels are not efficiently balanced and can leave you prone to potentially developing serious blood sugar related problems.

Gallbladder problems and gallstones can also be a result of poor liver function. When you eat fatty foods, your liver emulsifies—or breaks down—the fat with the help of bile, which is stored in the gallbladder. This process raises the cholesterol content of your bile. A sluggish liver will not manufacture enough bile salts to keep the cholesterol from hardening. The results? The cholesterol crystallizes and turns into small “rocks.” These rocks are then dumped into your gallbladder for storage and are now known as gallstones—which can be painful and even lead to serious gallbladder problems!

In summary - when your liver is not able to effectively cleanse your blood, all the toxins you ingest and that are also absorbed are then passed virtually unchecked back into your body systems where they can negatively effect every cell in your body!

Question: Is there a safe, simple, yet effective way to help cleanse the liver & kidneys and assist to eliminate the deadly toxins from the body?
Answer: Yes. We have found the Detoxify liver/kidney 2-step natural detox program to be one of the most effective internal cleansing solution we have ever seen; assisting in the removal of toxin buildups, bile stones, and getting you started on the fast-track to vibrant health and vitality! It is common to both see and feel the difference that Detoxify, the all-natural liver/kidney detox, will help do for the benefit of your overall health.

In addition to the myriad of toxins and pollutants which may be expelled, many people have also testified to releasing hundreds of stones during the program. Stop living below your health privileges... and maximize your wellness potential by removing the obstacles and roadblocks to optimum health by usage of Detoxify - The Master Herbalist formulated natural solution!


Detoxify Ingredients

Ancient Mediteranean Formulation

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Detoxify Ingredient Listing.

Who needs to do a liver & kidney cleanse?
...Everyone who desires a higher quality of health!

How to take the product:

  • For most individuals, take (1 - 3 veg capsules) per day for 30 to 90 days to optimally detoxify the liver and kidneys. Overall, adjust the dosage to compensate for general health, intensity of the cleansing process, and the pace desired.

  • Two to three months is an average initial usage for most people. If you repeat the programs every year, then one month will probably be sufficient after the initial period.

  • Detoxify can be taken anytime of the day on either an empty or full stomach, followed by a full glass of water.

  • We do not recommend that you take Detoxify at the same time of day as a colon cleanser. Rather, take Detoxify a minimum of two hours apart from a colon cleanse product.

  • It is important to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water per day while doing the Detoxify cleanse.

  • Although no particular diet is needed for Detoxify to work, eating healthy foods is always a good idea. Try to avoid or minimize refined foods, sugar, salt, saturated fats, coffee, alcohol, nicotine, food additives, colorings and preservatives while cleansing.

  • As with all cleansing & detox products, pregnant & lactating women should not use Detoxify without health practitioner or doctor approval. Always consult a health practitioner before usage with children.

Limited Time Special - Save 15%
Liver & Kidney Formulation

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90-Day Comprehensive Cleanse Program
Liver / Kidney / Gall-Bladder Cleanse

Master Herbalist Recommended Cleanse:
The complete natural solution for the maintenance of the liver, kidneys & gall-bladder!

The ONLY 100% Natural - Certified Organic & Wildcrafted - comprehensive targeted cleansing organ herbal cleanser/revilatizer available on the market!

The 90-day complete comprehensive solution to a more in-depth cleansing experience of your body's 'cleansing' organs. Designed for true optimuum vitality and health.

3 x (Liquid Veg Capsules)
90 Day Supply
MSRP: $131.85
Your Price: $113.85


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30 Day Program

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Supports Your Body's Natural Ability to Cleanse & Rebuild. Helps in the effective cleansing of the body's filtration organs: the colon, liver, kidneys, and gall bladder.

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90-Day Comprehensive Cleanse&Rebuild
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30 Day Program

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Supports Your Body's Natural Ability to Expel Parasites, Remove Toxins, and Detox Safely (including Heavy Metals).

1 x Purify - Parasite Cleanse
1 x Detoxify - Liver & Kidney Cleanse
1 x Cleanse FX - Colon Cleanse
1 x HMD - Heavy Metal Detox

30-Day Cleanse & Detox Program

90 Day Program

$529.45 MSRP
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Supports Your Body's Natural Ability to Expel Parasites, Remove Toxins, and Detox Safely (including Heavy Metals).

3 x Purify - Parasite Cleanse
3 x Detoxify - Liver & Kidney Cleanse
3 x Cleanse FX - Colon Cleanse
2 x HMD - Heavy Metal Detox

90-Day Comprehensive Detox Program
Master Herbalist Recommended!
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We highly recommend these Cleansing Programs
As a potential major step towards optimal natural health.

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