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Purify - The Complete Whole-Body Organic Parasite Cleanse

Detoxify - How can you experience vibrant health... If your liver & kidneys are overworked or stressed?

Simply the best natural yeast control program on the market

30-Day Heart & Cardiovascular Program

Professional Strength -- Immediate Sinus & Respiratory Relief

Quick & Effective Natural + Powerful Head & Body Discomfort Relief

SLIMG - The Only All-Natural Remedy for the Modern Top 3 Health Epidemics

The secret to the effectiveness of the Detoxify product is not only in the absolute purity and potency of the herbs used, but it is also in the Master Herbalist-formulated preciseness of the mixture ratios used. Detoxify is the testiment of the cumulative knowledge of literally thousands of years of ancient herbology wisdom. This natural blended recipe has been carefully formulated and perfected like no other product on the market today!

Containing absolutely NO fillers, chemicals, HRT, or synthetic ingredients!

Oregon Grape (Root) [Wild Crafted]
Oregon Grape Root is extremely effective as a detox activator; designed to negate infections and to stimulate the flow of bile and also promote the expulsion of imbedded toxins and pollutants from both the liver and from the urinary system.

Milk Thistle (Seed) [Certified Organic]
(Silymarin 80%)
Milk thistle, has been recognized as a remedy for liver problems since the days of ancient Rome. Milk thistle, which contains silymarin, is responsible for protecting the health of the specialized liver cells that remove bacteria and toxins. Milk thistle also fights against long-term poisoning by displacing toxins that try to bind to the liver and neutralizing those that have already penetrated the cells. "Milk thistle seed extract protects the liver cells as they neutralize toxins, bind to them, and dump them into the colon for elimination from the body." [Dr. L. Berry: Internal Cleansing]

Yellow Dock (Root) [Certified Organic]
Yellow dock has been used traditionally as a herb specifically to help the digestive tract, liver, and skin. It is one of the most powerful herbs addressing poor liver function and toxic accumulations in the body. It also stimulates bile and digestive enzymes.

Burdock (Root) [Certified Organic]
Burdock is a root that is found in Europe in Asia. Burdock root has often been used to purify the blood by removing toxins that can build up in blood. Burdock also enhances the performance of many of the organs which purify the body and eliminate toxins or waste (like the kidneys, liver, and colon). Noted health expert Varro E. Tyler, Ph.D. in The Honest Herbal recommends burdock as a blood purifierdue to its remarkable ability to help neutralize most poisons that enter the liver.

Dandelion (Root) [Certified Organic]
The danedelion is well established as a powerful cleansing and detoxifying herb. In traditional medicine, dandelion roots and leaves were used to treat liver problems. Native Americans also used dandelion decoctions to treat kidney disease, swelling, skin problems, heartburn, and stomach upset. Chinese medicinal practitioners traditionally used dandelion to treat digestive disorders. This age-old herb helps filter toxins from your liver and kidneys and encourages healthy a electrolyte balance and helps keep liver and pancreas enzymes in proper levels.

Fringe Tree Root (Bark) [Wild Crafted]
Fringe tree bark was used in frontier medicine to treat gallbladder ailments and liver diseases of all kinds. It also stimulates the release of bile and increases gastric secretion, aiding in the expulsion of toxins and pollutants from the body. The root bark also appears to strengthen function in the pancreas and spleen. In addition to its detoxification properties, fringe tree root bark is an excellent remedy for chronic illness, especially where the liver and kidneys have been affected.

Detoxify Veg Capsule Label

Detoxify Certification & Guarantee:

The formulator is a Master Herbalist and Clinical Herbalist with over 34 years of experience focusing on alternative therapies, formulating and creating formulae; testing herbs, vitamins and minerals; has created the Detoxify blend as an effective way to eliminate toxins from the liver, kidneys and body. Since 1982 he has been treating thousands and thousands of patients by the natural components and the herbs that are in the Detoxify formula.

In fact, many of the natural components and herbs in the Detoxify formula have been used for centuries and centuries. They have proved to be extremely beneficial in the cleansing of toxins out of the human body throughout the times of Chinese Empire, the Egyptian Empire, the Greek Empire, the Roman Empire, the old Turkish Empire, and through the history of the Mediterranean cultures. However it is only under the wisdom of a Master Herbalist that the culmination of all this ancient knowledge has been precision-blended and perfected into a single formulation recipe - created to produce the maximum detoxification results, Detoxify truly is the personification of the herbal wisdom of the ages.

We stand one hundred per cent behind the effectiveness of Detoxify, and do certify that the formula will help assist the body to purge toxins naturally. All of the ingredients used in the Detoxify product are of the highest quality and grade possible; guaranteed 100% Certified Organic and Wildcrafted ingredients.

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