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Celtic Sea Salts® are naturally harvested by a cooperative of farmers in Brittany, France. The method used for gathering these nutritional salts follows a 2,000 year-old Celtic tradition and is supported by modern quality control standards. The French Government prides itself in this unique resource and has preserved thousands of acres of pristine wild marsh, as a "National Treasure" and "Protected Site" so that these areas will continue to produce Celtic Sea Salts for centuries more. In 1991, the French Ministry of Forests and Agriculture gave its most honorable "Superior Quality Food" mention to Celtic Sea Salt®.

Click here to read about the "Nature et Progrés" award.

Current scientific research reveals that there are actually very few salt-related health problems. A healthy, active lifestyle demands a sufficient reasonable salt intake. The contention that our body can function on no salt at all or on a restricted ration of salt causes more problems than it is intended to solve! Life is closely dependent upon the presence of sodium. However, to clearly understand the role of sodium in blood, we must examine it in combination with water and various ions: chlorine, potassium, calcium, hydrogen, etc. That is why it is more important to study the co-activity of sodium with these other ions, rather than the sodium element alone.

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The health benefits of a whole sea salt is just now being discovered!

"Water & Salt for Total Healing" -- Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.
The negative effects of table salt as opposed to whole sea salt are discussed. Learn how water and unprocessed salt are vitally important to disease-free health.
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In Health Alert by Dr. Bruce West, February 1996 Dr. West says:
"Today, health claims are getting wilder and wilder. None of these claims changes the most fundamental truth about good health--namely, that lifestyle changes with the right kinds of nutritional supplements, attention to your environment, exercise, examination of your body’s structure (i.e. spine, neck, pelvis), pure water, the right kind of salt (we use only Celtic Sea Salt ), and a positive mental attitude are the things that make up good health."

A Quote From Dr. Shamim Daya, January 1999:
"The Celtic Sea Salt is a wonderful, vital and essential food for the body. Today, when so many people are suffering from adrenal exhaustion, low blood pressure and mineral deficiencies, the Celtic Sea Salt™ is an ideal and invaluable remedy. What makes the Celtic Sea Salt™ so magical is that it is one of the few foods left in nature that is not man made or man interfered with. So it has a composition of minerals that is naturally balanced and also has an "energy" that is very harmonious to the body. Many chronic fatigue and adrenally exhausted patients greatly benefit from including the Celtic Sea Salt in their treatment regime."

Jose A. Rivera M.D. (Lecturer/Member Advisory Board Intl. Fed. of Holistic Medicine) states:
"I have had adult onset asthma since I was in college and have had many bouts of anaphylaxis which were life threatening. Due to the information that you have provided I have been able to ameliorate a cure for my own asthma with water and salt intake. I have been asthma free approximately 1.5 years and have not had any reactions to the allergens of the past. The information has been most helpful In making me aware of when and how to drink water and take salt in order to hydrate myself and prevent any recurrence of asthma. Also, I have been able to advise other patients with respiratory and allergen problems In how to increase their water and salt intake safely, and to my amazement the amelioration has been dramatic. Thank you sir for giving me and others the breath of life thru something so simple as water and salt."

Mae Kamin writes and says:
"I have a cat who for the past few years has been extremely inactive due to bladder problems and a tumor on her leg. In addition to these problems, she is 18 years old and I felt because of her age she just couldn't get around much anymore. She would find a spot and stay there all day without moving except to go to her litter box. She always slept on the bed but for the past two years or more she could not even make the steps. Several weeks ago I started putting sea salt in her drinking water. I made no other changes in her diet. Two days after I started this I came out of my bedroom and found her lying in the hallway (second floor). She has been there every day ever since. A week ago when my great granddaughter slept over, I was next to her in bed reading a story when the cat jumped up on the bed next to us. she has not been able to do that either for at least 2 years. Fantastic improvement in this 18 year old pet."

Craig Palmiter states the following improvements in his health:
"After reading material provided by Dr. Batmanghelidj I discovered the answers to my problems were as clear as the nose on my face. For as always in life, during a crisis, we are so consumed with the problem that we forget the basics of what we are, which is 78% water. During a physical crisis of ill health, we usually follow the traditional avenues of medicine, tests and surgery when nine out of ten times the answer is as close as the faucet on the kitchen sink. We as human beings possess the most magnificent machinery of biological wonder but like all machinery it requires lubrication. If not properly maintained, it simply becomes rusty and shuts down. It is ironic that we give our possessions so much attention (like making sure our cars, trucks, lawn mowers are gassed and greased), yet though our ignorance and inattention we ignore the greatest machines of all... OURSELVES! With the knowledge I have gained, I now possess good health and clarity of thought that I haven't enjoyed in quite a long time. I owe this to the simplicity of adequate water & sea salt intake, proper diet and vitamin and mineral supplements. In closing, I would like to say, we are all unique and wonderful and deserving the best of treatment that we can give ourselves."

Salt is a vital substance for the survival of all living creatures, particularly humans. Water and salt regulate the water levels of the body. Water itself regulates the aquatic content of the interior of the cell by working its way into all of the cells it reaches. It has to get there to cleanse and extract the toxic wastes of cell metabolisms. Salt forces some water to stay outside the cells. It balances the amount of water that stays outside the cells. Good health depends on a most delicate balance between the ratio of water inside and outside the cells, and this balance is achieved by salt - unrefined salt.

Click here to read the artice "What's in Celtic Sea Salt®?"

Find Ground Celtic Salt:
Treasured as the finest of all condiments in France and many other countries outside the United States. Free of any processing, it is dried only by the hot summer sun and wind. It is harvested by expert salt farms who delicately gather the salt from the marshes with wooden hand tools. Its characteristic grey color can be attributed to the pure clay sole of the manicured basins. The clay ionizes the many minerals in the salt, making it richer in electrolytes. Because Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt is sun dried, it retains the ocean's moisture, which helps lock in many vital trace elements.
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